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 My Disney Bucket ListSo once the movie “Bucket List” came out, there have been several shows that are talking about bucket lists and it seems to come up in more and more conversations.  As I was lying in bed last night with my wife watching the TV show “Bones” the focus was around a man who was completing his bucket list.  After watching the show I had commented on a few things I wanted to add and of course Disney came to mind.  So I put together my top 10 “Bucket List” for Disney.




1.  Stay at least 1 night in Cinderella’s castle

2.  Stay at least 1 night in a DVC Grand Villa at Bay Lake Tower

3.  Parasail at Sammy Duvall’s Watersports

4.  Be the Grand Marshall in any Disney Parade

5.  Private tour of the Haunted Mansion

6.  Have one day with a VIP Tour Guide

7.  Sunrise Safari Breakfast and Tour at Animal Kingdom

8.  Romantic anniversary weekend with several “special events”

9.  Purchase Cinderellas Castle from Arribas Brothers

Cinderellas castle 300x300 My Disney Bucket List10. Visit the Disney Aulani in Hawaii

As with any bucket list there are some things that you will get to do and some things you will not.  As you can see I have had the chance to Parasail at Sammy Duvall’s Watersports ( and have a very romantic anniversary weekend with my wife which included an EPCOT fireworks cruise on the boat formally known as the Breathless.

Some of these I know I will be able to achieve, some I feel are just wishing on a star.  We have plans to visit Aulani for our 25th wedding anniversary which is in a few short years.  I will have to win the lottery to be able to hire a VIP tour guide, purchase Cinderella’s Castle from Arribas Brothers (you have probably seen it for sale for only $37,500) and I will have to save points for years to be able to stay at a Grand Villa at Bay Lake Tower (if anyone would like to donate points for my bucket list please feel free to do so).  Some are out of my control like a stay in Cinderella’s castle and being a Grand Marshall in a parade.  I was lucky enough to have my parents be chosen as Grand Marshall’s when 24 family members made the trip to Walt Disney World.  We were able to bank and borrow points to bring my entire family down for 5 days at the Boardwalk.  While waiting to go into the Magic Kingdom we were all wearing the same shirts, we were asked what tour group we were with.  When we told them we were a family they asked my mother and father to be Grand Marshalls, it was a very special day!

aulani accommodations grand villa couple on balcony 300x124 My Disney Bucket ListWhat is on your Disney bucket list?  Please leave a comment below as my list is always changing and I may just need to add a few based on your suggestions!

share small My Disney Bucket List

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I live in Pelham, NH and call Disney my second home. I've been to Walt Disney World over 25 times and ventured out to Disneyland once back in 1979. Over the next several years I plan to go back out to CA and continue to the new DVC resort in Hawaii. I'm almost certain the character Mr. Incredible was written for me, heck an overweight super hero, what's not to love? I am a technology guy! Through my blog I have been reviewing products for the past 3 years. Disney and technology go hand in hand! I hope to review some cool apps, and technology that will make your Disney experience extra magical. One of my favorite things to do at Walt Disney World is to get four extra Fast Passes to one of the big rides when the times are later in the day, then when the time comes when I am walking out of the park, I find a family of 4 and give them those Fast Passes. I simply love to see the reaction. Follow me on twitter @Mike_Conrad to keep up with the latest technology!

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  1. Jen says:

    1. Run the Walt Disney World marathon
    2. Be the “High Score of the Month” in Toy Story Mainia.
    3. Eat dinner at the Brown Derby.
    4. See Rock N Roll Roller Coaster with the lights on.
    5. Ride on any ride with Tigger.
    6. Stay in Cinderella’s Castle
    7. Be on the Mom’s panel
    8. Be the family that opens the Magic Kingdom.
    9. Go to California Adventure
    10. Not get soaked on Kali River Rapids

  2. Rob H says:

    1. Stay one night in Cinderella’s castle
    2. Be able to visit every Disney Park Worldwide.
    3. Be a member of a Disney Dads Panel, when they create 1.
    4. Score a low round at the Palms or Magnolia Golf Course
    5. Be Mickey Mouse for a day.
    6. Unlimited passes for a year.
    7. To see my grand kids grow up enjoying Disney as much as I do
    8. To have had the opportunity to meet Walt himself

  3. Mike Conrad Mike C says:

    As an update, just booked a Grand Villa at Bay Lake Tower! I will be crossing that off the list in August!!

  4. Max Entropy says:

    Drink around the World Showcase in one day.
    Spend the day at River Country without getting a brain-eating parasite.
    Ride in the front of a monorail again and live to tell about it.
    Dine in the Haunted Mansion like they do at Disneyland.
    See a real stage show at the Diamond Horseshoe.
    Live long enough to see them update “The Great Movie Ride”
    Break down on and get to walk out of HM and POTC.
    Sneak into the Wonders of Life Pavillion.

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